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Difference between Business Requirements and Functional Specifications

Tuesday, November 17th, 2009

I am currently writing templates for Business Requirements and Functional Sprecification documents. And trying to keep a boundary line in between both of them.

I am working mainly on Software products so the below detail is as per my exposure with IT systems.

The way i see Business Requiremenst and Functional Specifications is as:

Business Requirements (inc. Business Use Cases) are a high level list of the requirements gathered during planning stage, tend to propose a solution and meant for Business stakeholders.

Functional Specifications or Solution Requirements are further details of the Business Requirements meant for the understanding of Developers and other Technical stakeholders.

Business Process overview diagramas are part of the Business Requirements and Detailed diagrams like activity diagrams and detailed process flow diagrams are part of the Functional Specifications.

Detailed or well dressed use cases are also part of the Functional Specification though high level Use Cases can be imposed into Business Requirements.

The above is a very high level difference betweeen Business Requirements and Functional Specifications.