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IIBA Membership – Experiences from an end user

Saturday, July 7th, 2012

Yesterday (28 June 2012), I was speaking at a seminar organized by Royal Bank of Scotland. The bank organizes a learning week for its employees professional improvement and growth.
The bank has now started following IIBA (International Institute of Business Analysis) standards and requested me to deliver a lecture about IIBA membership and its benefits.
My presentation went really well (feedback was good) especially couple of humorous slides I used were very interesting.
I mainly encouraged the audience to go for membership. It should help to:
network with fellow business analysts from different industries
share experiences with each other
attend free events organized by IIBA
Free copy of BABOK
and many more ….

The audience showed a key interest to become members. Hoping to talk about the same topic at some other seminar in future.

Business Analysis Conference 2010

Friday, August 27th, 2010

IIBA UK chapter is hosting Europe’s leading Independent Business Analysis Conference starting from 27th of Septemer – 29th Septmber this year.

The  Conference is for practitioners, by practitioners, and provides an interactive forum where BAs can meet, discuss and debate the competencies needed to rise to challenges today and into the future.
The Conference 2010 themes are:

Shaping the Future of Business Analysis
Business Analysis Tools and Techniques

Business Agility and Business Analysis

Kathleen Barret – President and CEO, IIBA® will be one of the key speakers at the vent.

For full details and listings and to register, visit

I would advise BAs in particular to attend this conference if possible.

Why IIBA Islamabad Chapter and CBAP?

Wednesday, January 13th, 2010

IIBA Islamabad Chapter kick off meeting was held on 7th of January 2010 and i am happy that Business Analysis now has a platform in Pakistan.

Well Done Khurrum.

Some of you might have concerns about IIBA chapter in Islamabad and it’s CBAP certification.

I would say that the aim of the chapter is to make community aware of Business Analysis profession and professional growth of Business Analysts in Pakistan.

And IIBA is currently working as a platform to do all this. Currently, its the only Business Analysis institute in the world.

IIBA was set up just 6 years ago and made a rapid progress and now well recognized by the industries throughout the world.

I would suggest that go through BABOK and you will really enjoy by reading the nice stuff. CBAP certification is for senior analysts and again the aim of the chapter is to introduce IIBA in Pakistan.

IIBA is doing really well in UK and in other countries. More and more professionals are doing CBAP exams now.

If IIBA is the only option for Business Analysis then why not go for IIBA.

ISEB is an exam provider in UK which comes under British Computer Society and offering Business Analysis exams and Diplomas.

Now even ISEB has accepted CBAP certification and as CBAP you get exemptions while doing ISEB practioner Business Analysis exam.

Many well recognized Business Analysis course providers are getting endoresment from IIBA. It means that IIBA qualification is getting well recognized everywhere that’s why Course providers are offering IIBA courses.

I myself have done ISEB Business Analysis certification last year and now my application for CBAP has been approved (which requires minimum 5 years of valid Business Analysis experience)

Khurrum and I are planning to provide Business Analysts a platform to share experiences, knowledge and learn new things.

And IIBA is that platform. See any website like and you will see how well IIBA is appreciated by Business Analysis world.

Water Mark Learning is one of the worlds oldest and well recognized training institute offering courses/training on PMP and CBAP.

Its president and Co are my professional friends. Both did PMP in the past and in 2007 have done CBAP as well.

In new version of BABOK 3.0, Agile methodologies are also being incorporated which is not the case with any other certification or book.

While summarising my notes, i would say there’s no harm getting in touch with IIBA. Become active members and go through BABOK 2.0. And when feel comfortable and necessary go for CBAP.

I already have arranged couple of lectures for IIBA Islamabad members to be delivered by world leading thinkers in Business Analysis world. I would suggest everyone to attend these informative lectures solely for the purpose of your profesional growth. Please bring along your friends and colleagues as well.

Note:- Above all info is as per my own experience and knowledge so 1 might disagree.