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Managing Stakeholders Perspectives

Sunday, May 31st, 2009

This summer i want to write mainly about stakeholders of a project.

“Any person who has some interest in a project or influenced by that project is a stakeholder of that project.”

In this blog i want to discuss about Stakeholders prospectives which is always a very tricky exercise for a Business Analyst.

A perspective is an overview and understanding of a stekholder about an organization or a specific situation. For example, in a bank, a cashier can think it important to give best services to customers. But a marketing director can think about giving best marketing services and sales of the bank. Here a cashier has a different perspective and a marketing director of the same organization(bank) has a different perspective.

A useful framework to manage stakeholders perspectives is CATWOE.

C – Customer

A – Actor

T- Transformation

W – World View

O – Owner

E – Environment

Stakeholders perspectives can be modelled using Business Activity Modelling(BAM) technique which i will discuss in my next blog.