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Rocks into Gold

Wednesday, December 9th, 2009

Last week i read “Rocks into Gold” written by Clarke Ching.

Clarke is a very good storey-teller and he has described the benifits of using Agility in a very profound way.

The storey revolves around a software house and it’s clients. A software designer (Bob Billington) has a problem; he’s about to lose his job because the economy has taken a sudden nose-dive, taking the big project he is working on with it. Bob, a natural-born problem-solver, starts asking questions – the first being “What does it take for a project to be commercially viable in a recession?” .

Bob’s questions surprises his bosses and his customers….why does a programmer need to know about business?

The answers surprise everyone…

Lets read the book and get to know about the answers Bob came up with.