Why IIBA Islamabad Chapter and CBAP?

IIBA Islamabad Chapter kick off meeting was held on 7th of January 2010 and i am happy that Business Analysis now has a platform in Pakistan.

Well Done Khurrum.

Some of you might have concerns about IIBA chapter in Islamabad and it’s CBAP certification.

I would say that the aim of the chapter is to make community aware of Business Analysis profession and professional growth of Business Analysts in Pakistan.

And IIBA is currently working as a platform to do all this. Currently, its the only Business Analysis institute in the world.

IIBA was set up just 6 years ago and made a rapid progress and now well recognized by the industries throughout the world.

I would suggest that go through BABOK and you will really enjoy by reading the nice stuff. CBAP certification is for senior analysts and again the aim of the chapter is to introduce IIBA in Pakistan.

IIBA is doing really well in UK and in other countries. More and more professionals are doing CBAP exams now.

If IIBA is the only option for Business Analysis then why not go for IIBA.

ISEB is an exam provider in UK which comes under British Computer Society and offering Business Analysis exams and Diplomas.

Now even ISEB has accepted CBAP certification and as CBAP you get exemptions while doing ISEB practioner Business Analysis exam.

Many well recognized Business Analysis course providers are getting endoresment from IIBA. It means that IIBA qualification is getting well recognized everywhere that’s why Course providers are offering IIBA courses.

I myself have done ISEB Business Analysis certification last year and now my application for CBAP has been approved (which requires minimum 5 years of valid Business Analysis experience)

Khurrum and I are planning to provide Business Analysts a platform to share experiences, knowledge and learn new things.

And IIBA is that platform. See any website like ModernAnalyst.com and you will see how well IIBA is appreciated by Business Analysis world.

Water Mark Learning is one of the worlds oldest and well recognized training institute offering courses/training on PMP and CBAP.

Its president and Co are my professional friends. Both did PMP in the past and in 2007 have done CBAP as well.

In new version of BABOK 3.0, Agile methodologies are also being incorporated which is not the case with any other certification or book.

While summarising my notes, i would say there’s no harm getting in touch with IIBA. Become active members and go through BABOK 2.0. And when feel comfortable and necessary go for CBAP.

I already have arranged couple of lectures for IIBA Islamabad members to be delivered by world leading thinkers in Business Analysis world. I would suggest everyone to attend these informative lectures solely for the purpose of your profesional growth. Please bring along your friends and colleagues as well.

Note:- Above all info is as per my own experience and knowledge so 1 might disagree.

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29 Responses to “Why IIBA Islamabad Chapter and CBAP?”

  1. Muhammad Imran Says:


    my name is imran and i am from faisalabad. well, i read your blog and pretty much interested in this one of yours (CBAP). Kindly tell me has the IIBA officiallly launched CBAP in Pakistan and is there any Chapter currently running in Islamabad?
    kindly update.

    M. Imran. PMP.

  2. Kashif Says:

    Walaikum Assalam (Allah’s blessings on you as well) Imran,

    Thank you for your comments. It is good to know about your interest in IIBA and CBAP.

    IIBA Islamabad chapter has recently been launched and couple of knowledge sharing events have been organized by the chapter recently.

    Yesterday, a webinar was organised on passing the CBAP exam. I will email you the presentation on preparing for CBAP exam. It will answer most of your questions.

    I appreciate if you keep in tocuh with the chapter. IIBA Lahore chapter is also getting started very soon and i think Faisalabad region would come under Lahore – unless you want to start an IIBA chapter in Faisalabad.

    Please contact Tahir Anwar (Tahirgee@gmail.com) to get in touch with Islamabad chapter.

    Couple of guys from IIBA Islamabad chapter are already preparing for CBAP exam.

    We plan to start a study group which you can join as well.

    I hope the above all answers your questions?


  3. Ali Says:

    Aoa Kashif

    Pleasantly surprised to find this blog post on CBAP in Pakistan. I am based in Karachi and am interested in pursuing this certification. I wanted to confirm is it possible to appear in this exam from Pakistan. Has IIBA allowed Prometric to conduct this exam?


  4. Kashif Says:

    Waalaikum Assalam Ali,

    Good to know that you are interested in CBAP. Some of the guys from Pakistan are planning to do the certification and last week have started a CBAP study group as well but that is based in Islamabad.

    I don’t think currently there is any prometric centre to host the exam in Pakistan though i plan to start hosting the CBAP exams in PK.

    Contact either me or Tahir Anwar(tahirgee@gmail.com) to get updates in future on this.

    CBAP requires 7500 hours (5 years) experience to sit in the exam. If you have the required experience that’s good otherwise IIBA has recently launched another certification which require only 2.5 years experience.

    I hope the above answers your questions.


  5. Ali Says:

    Aoa again,

    Thanks for quick reply. Yes alhamduLillah I have 5+ years experience in Business Analysis and have also started studying BABOK for CBAP. I am not sure there is any study group based in Karachi at the moment. I will look forward to setting up of an examination center in Pakistan.


  6. Shoaib Says:

    I want to get information about CCBA. How can i register and from where can i get study material?
    Is there any formal classes of CCBA available in Lahore?
    Please guide me

  7. Imran Khalid Says:


    I am currently working as business analyst and i want to excel in this field which requires this certification. kindly send me the necessary details who the contact and how to proceed further in this course.

  8. Kashif Says:

    Waalaikum Assalam,
    I appreciate your interest in business analysis particulalry for CCBA.its a new certification launched by IIBA recently and targeted for junior BA. Minimum experience requirement to sit in this exam is 2.5 years. For more details visit http;//theiiba.org website.

    Currenylly there is no centre or institute in PK but insha Alllah i plan to open something soon. Please let me know if there r more like minded people who are willing to study CCBA in Lahore.

    Also keep in touch with IIBA Islamabad chapter. They r organizing a seminar in November.

  9. Kashif Says:

    @Imran Khalid,

    Waalaikum Assalam,

    I am happy yo know that u want to excel in BA profession. Please visit http;//theiiba.org website for details on this certification which requires 5 years of professional experience to qualify.

    Do try to engage with BA community and read articles and books on Business Analysis. Join IIBA membership and get free access to loads of books and free download BABOK for CBAP.

  10. Somair Says:


    Its good see that a forum is getting developed for this certification. I am based in Karachi and have 5+ years Business Analysis experience (am currently actively working in a similar capacity).

    I came to know about this certification a year back and now am interested in acquiring this certification. Is there a study group, professional development courses happening in Karachi ?


  11. umar Says:

    Guys i want to become a bA, but the courses here in uk so expensive might combine with a holiday in pak does any one know where i can study in pak???????????

  12. Kashif Says:

    Hi Somair,

    As per my information, currently there is no study group or courses for CBAP in Karachi.

    IIBA Islamabad chapter is conducting study groups. Try to get in touch with them.

    I will keep updates posting on my website re CBAP courses.

    Thank you.

  13. Kashif Says:

    Umar, what r u currently doing as u hav mentioned about becoming a BA.

    Why don’t you go for self study? Do ISEB foundation exam in business analysis.

    Better don’t mix up holidays with study.

    Anyway i know one company which organizes seminars etc. in Karachi..dont have the name on top of my head will let u know later.

    I m a certified trainer and may teach u for competitive rates…thats another option.

    Hope above helps a bit.

  14. Shariq Says:

    AOA Mr. Kashif,
    hope all is well with you and your family

    Am from Karachi, can you please guide me regarding CBAP certification, well i want to ask u that it is necessary to take training? and 2 to be employed is necessary??..to give this paper?
    i have given ITIL foundation.

    Mr. Kashif i will be very thankful for you for the information as well for your quick responce.

    With warm regards,

  15. Khurram Shahzad Says:

    Hi Kashif,
    I am from Lahore but at the moment based in London and trying to become a CCBA, by the way I am a Team lead in a Software Company working on .NET produts. I want to become a CCBA so that I can grow further towards IT management, This course is quiet expensive here. Can you guide a good self study material for CCBA or lead me to some direction.

    Dont know, if there is any institue or offical training centre in Lahore where i can get education.

    Thanks and regards

  16. Kashif Says:


    Waalaikum Assalam.

    Everything is fine on my end and hoping the same for you.

    CBAP is good to have – gives you knowledge and certify your experience and knowledge.

    Employment chances are better if you have certification like CBAP – like in UK, employers prefer a candidate with ISEB diploma in Business Analysis or CBAP certification.

    CBAP can be done without training but make sure your self study is quite good and you join CBAP study groups if possible. Above all make sure you take CBAP online sample exams for practice.

    First make sure you do study BABOK even if you don’t go for the paper for any reasons. It should give you a lot of knowledge and a well structured way of doing business analysis activities.

    @Khurrum Shahzad
    Good to know your intentions for CCBA.

    I fully agree that courses are expensive here in London. It would be nice to get that course/training sponsored by your company. Submit a valid business case to your company i.e. how you doing this qualification could be beneficial for the company.

    As per my information currently there is no training institute in Lahore.

    You can contact IIBA guys in Lahore for further information on local trainings etc.

    Hope above helps you both (Shariq and Khurrum) and good luck with your certifications.

  17. Talha Masood Says:

    Hello Kashif,
    We have been talking upon having a CBAP chapter in Karachi before, as you suggested me to find and gather like minded people here in Karachi, who are working in the industry (this communication was done on Linkedin http://www.linkedin.com/in/talhabmasood).

    Anyways, I (along with some of my friends/colleagues) have started to prepare for CBAP certification, but I think I am getting confused in the middle that, would that really worth or not? …for example if compare this certification on popularity and recognition scale with other certifications like PMP or CISA …..i don’t find many people even knowing or caring about CBAP……

    So, my question from you is that? how do you justify your recommendation about this certification specially for the professionals in Pakistan, who need returns on their investments very very soon….because of so many reasons….

    So, what would be your take on this?

  18. Kashif Says:

    Hi Talha,

    Good to see your message.

    CBAP is senior business analysis certification offered throughout the world. It is not comparable with PMP etc. as those certs. are for Project Management mainly.

    Guys who already did PMP have done CBAP as well – i know many of them.

    It mainly depends what you want to do – if your main target is business analysis then go for CBAP. In future you may do PMP etc as well to horn your skills and make your CV more impressive.

    Re recognition by companies in Pakistan, CBAP is a newly started certification as compared to PMP and getting well recognition throughout the world. As we have started IIBA chapters in Pakistan and companies have started attending seminars organized by IIBA. Which means both employer and employees are recognizing CBAP.

    We are thinking on other ways to get recognition in Pakistan as well.

    Even you yourself should realize that after studying BABOK you would gain a lot of knowledge and would know how to do business analysis.

    If you have done CBAP, would feel more confident as a BA while going for interviews and performing job tasks.

    Even if you don’t want to go for CBAP, at least study BABOK.

    Hope above helps.

    Thank you and good luck.

  19. Muhammad Faizan Ali Says:

    Dear Kashif,

    I am working as IS Consultant in Islamabad, Pakistan. I want to gain ISEB qualifications and sit in public exams. Can you provide information on ISEB qualifications in Islamabad Pakistan.

    Thankyou in advance :)

    Muhammad Faizan Ali

  20. Kashif Says:

    Hi Faizan,

    Sorry for the late reply – things have been very busy over here.

    It is nice to know about your interest in ISEB qualification. I don’t believe there’s any ISEB trainings in Pakistan.

    You may get online trainings I think. Further information on ISEB qualification can be found on http://www.bcs.co.uk

    Why don’t you go for IIBA’s CCBA QUALIFICATION?

    PUBLIC EXAMS- wat type of exam you are talking about?

  21. M.Saquib Gul Says:

    Dear Kashif/Talha,
    Asalam o Alaikum!

    Saqib Gul here from Karachi.

    Nice to see all the stuff, recently got interested in CBAP, as one of my friend in Saudia told me about CBAP.

    Have read BABOK draft version picked while surfing, it interesting one! exactly sort of material was looking for!

    As Kashif wrote people and organization will realize soon the importance of BA in Pakistan, and this is actually the mission behind IIBA, appreciate their effort!

    I my self was confused with my career as i remain part of consultancy and analysis during my last 7 years experience in the field and was never satisfied with my experience, always comes a thought why i didn’t go for development side specialty, as there was no proper concept and realization of BA, now we got the platform and it seems that BA got some worth.

    I will not jump in and start preparing for certification, but am very much interested that Karachi Chapter should be started asap.

    I am available for any sort of volunteer work needed regarding this, i could be reached on ” saquib.gul@gmail.com ” !

    Thanks to all of You!

    Saquib Gul

  22. maryam Says:

    Hi Kashif,

    I have keen interest in CCBA certification. Im based in Lahore, is there any Lahore centers for registration/exam center? I need details please reply.


  23. Akber Says:

    Hi Kashif,

    I am located at Saudi Arabia and would like to come to short vacation to Pakistan, I am interested if you can let me know any CBAP training in Karachi. Or help me to get the trianing either online so I may not come.

  24. Butool Says:


    I am currently working as Business Analyst in software house and I want to enhance my career. I have 2.5 yrs experience. Can u plz guide me which one would be better..and from where I can take test..if not the course. I am Karachi based..is there any center here or any number or website that you can provide me?

  25. kashif Says:

    The guys in Islamabad are currently organizing CBAP training boot camps. I don’t think there is any camp organized in Karachi. IIBA Saudi Arabia chapter is currently operating from Riyadh. Why don’t you engage with those guys and attend a training locally – training camp should be free for IIBA members. I assume a cheaper price for non-members. Better consult with IIBA Riyadh chapter’s website to find further information. Chapter president’s name is Manzoor … something.

    For online trainings, there are online trainings available but hopefully would be expensive. Do search for Watermark Learning training Institute based in US but they do offer trainings.

    If you could find like-minded (want to get trained for CBAP) people, I can offer an online training as well customized to your needs.

    I understand the training issue analysts are facing in Pakistan – that’s why I am currently sorting out with few training providers to go to Pakistan and deliever the lectures. A girl from India who is CBAP and owns a training institute in India is willing to visit Pakistan for trainings.

    @ Batool,
    You should go for CCBA certification, thats aimed for junior business/system analysts.

    Few guys have recently done CBAP exam in Pakistan – They once told me where the centre was – think in Islamabad. I will confirm and come back to you. Meanwhile you can start preparing for the exam.

    I hope above helps.

    Please feel free to contact me for any further information.

  26. kashif Says:


    Answers to your questions –

    1) CBAP Certification Exam Centre
    WorldCastle is currently hosting CBAP Certification exams in Karachi – further details available on WorldCastle website

    WorldCastle is the main CBAP exam provider throughout the world.

    2) CBAP Training Providers
    Mr Naveed Noor (first CBAP in Pakistan) is offering 4 days CBAP training boot camps in Pakistan – Cost is 25000 rupees for the whole training.

    For details:

    Also, IIBA Islamabad chapter is hosting *FREE* CBAP training camps in Karachi and Lahore in August 2012.

    For further details please contact IIBA Islamabad chapter – details should be on their website.

    I would recommend to attend these free camps as you would be saving 25000 rupees.

    Good luck.

  27. kashif Says:

    Waalaikum Assalam Saqib,

    Good to see your interest in Business Analysis and appreciation of IIBA and its efforts.

    If you are interested in volunteer work please get in touch with me – I have some work for you. My email is kashif.riaz@IIBA.org


  28. Akber Says:

    Thanks Kashif for valued information.

    As you stated that you can arrange the online classes, can you do for me and may be some of my friend. Also will your training provide me the require PDU.

  29. Khurram tahir Says:


    My name is Khurram just want to inquire that whether online course is offered in Pakistan for CBAP.

    Khurram tahir

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