Rocks into Gold

Last week i read “Rocks into Gold” written by Clarke Ching.

Clarke is a very good storey-teller and he has described the benifits of using Agility in a very profound way.

The storey revolves around a software house and it’s clients. A software designer (Bob Billington) has a problem; he’s about to lose his job because the economy has taken a sudden nose-dive, taking the big project he is working on with it. Bob, a natural-born problem-solver, starts asking questions – the first being “What does it take for a project to be commercially viable in a recession?” .

Bob’s questions surprises his bosses and his customers….why does a programmer need to know about business?

The answers surprise everyone…

Lets read the book and get to know about the answers Bob came up with.

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2 Responses to “Rocks into Gold”

  1. Hans Vogel Says:

    Agile is in many ways similar to a methodology my company introduced many years ago. In order to deal with the difficult circumstances present in wartime, particularly when resources were so often provided by the camps, work would be split up into smaller packages to ensure resiliency against worker death or other trifling inconveniences. It worked so well that Vogel, Vogel and Vogel still use it to this day.

  2. Kashif Says:

    Hi Hans,

    thank you for your comment. It’s good to know that your company introduced the same methodology years ago means Agile existed in the past as well.

    I would like to know more about your methodology.

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