Seminar on Agile Methodologies hosted by IBM

Yesterday i attended a seminar on Agile Methodologies. The event was organized by RUG – Rational User Group and hosted by IBM.

The event was quite informative esepcially meeting with leading thinkers of Agile Methodologies and getting to know their ideas.

I would definitely like to mention about one of the speakers; Clarke Ching – Chairman of Agility in Scotland. He is doing really great work as an Agile Consultant. In his presentation, yesterday, he intelligently proved that Agility is not a new idea or technique being used but it emerged as back as in 1700. He proved it using the examples of James Watt (inventor of Steam Engine) and Abe Lincoln (American President).

Clarke Ching has written a book “Rocks into Gold” on Agile. I was honoured when he gifted me his own book. The book is also available to read online.

Also, it was good to know that Agile is currently making progress and being used by many companies throughout the world. Scott Ambler – Chief Mehtodologist/Agile proved Agile progress with statistics.

I would definitely write more blogs on Agility and would share my experiences as well.

Happy Agility!

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