What are the characteristics of a good requirement?

Today i was reading an article on charactristics of good requirements and thought to share it with you.

While different organizations and authors may describe a slightly modified list, the following characteristics are generally accepted as those defining a good requirement.

Cohesive: The requirement defines a single aspect of the desired business process or system.

Complete: The individual requirement is not missing necessary or relevant information. Additionally, the entire set of requirements should cover all relevant requirements.

Consistent: The requirement does not contradict another requirement.

Modifiable: Like requirements should be grouped together to allow similar requirements to be modified together in order to maintain consistency.

Correct: The requirement meets the actual business or system need. An incorrect requirement can still be implemented resulting in a business process or system that does not meet the business needs.

Observable: The requirement defines an aspect of the system that can be noticed or observed by a user. This is often referred to as “Implementation Agnostic” as the requirement should not specify aspects of system architecture, physical design or implementation decisions. These aspects of a system should be defined separately as constraints.

Feasible: The requirement can be implemented within the constraints of the project including the agreed upon system architecture or other physical design or implementation decisions.

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