Managing Stakeholders Perspectives

This summer i want to write mainly about stakeholders of a project.

“Any person who has some interest in a project or influenced by that project is a stakeholder of that project.”

In this blog i want to discuss about Stakeholders prospectives which is always a very tricky exercise for a Business Analyst.

A perspective is an overview and understanding of a stekholder about an organization or a specific situation. For example, in a bank, a cashier can think it important to give best services to customers. But a marketing director can think about giving best marketing services and sales of the bank. Here a cashier has a different perspective and a marketing director of the same organization(bank) has a different perspective.

A useful framework to manage stakeholders perspectives is CATWOE.

C – Customer

A – Actor

T- Transformation

W – World View

O – Owner

E – Environment

Stakeholders perspectives can be modelled using Business Activity Modelling(BAM) technique which i will discuss in my next blog.

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2 Responses to “Managing Stakeholders Perspectives”

  1. Padmini Sathish Says:

    I liked your blog on the CATWOE framework. It would also be helpful, if you could cite some real life examples where you used it to manage stakeholder perspectives and how you used it to resolve conflicts.!

  2. Kashif Says:

    Hi Padmini,

    Thank you for your comments and visiting the website.

    I will definitely write more blogs relating Stakeholders management increal life examples.

    I hope i will see more of your thoughtful comments in future.

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