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Agile Business Analysis

Thursday, September 3rd, 2009

You open a Business Analyst website like, read blogs or receive a digest email from Business Analyst groups and communities; Agile Business Analysis is a hot topic coveredin blogs or discussed in groups/communities these days.

This blog on Agile is actually to keep myself into this Agile Season and to give my readers an idea about Agile Business Analysis.

By using Agile methodolgy, project deleivery is chopped up into short iterations – one-to three-week timeboxes depending on the project lenght. Each timebox begins with an iteration planning workshop in which the customer decides which wok should be delivered.

It is the cutomer’s responsibility to select the highest priority requirements from the requirements catalogue.

The selected requirements are built by developers and demonstrated to the customer. During the User Acceptance Criteria, preparations are made for the next possible iteration.

Most of the companies currently not practising Agile processes. There are advantages and disadvantages of using Agile iteration technique. But one thing i should emphasize on is to keep the balance on iterations. The overall project scope should not go beyond the control limits.

In my next blogs, i will write about How Agile Practices Reduce Requirements Risk.

Happy reading!