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Boost for easier web login plans

Thursday, October 30th, 2008

From the past couple of months, its been very much in the news about using fewer passwords on multiple sites.  I didn’t get a chance to write a blog in last 2 weeks so thought to write about Open ID scheme.

Tech giants Microsoft, IBM, Google and Yahoo are introducing OpenID to give people more control over their online identities.

OpenID scheme will allow people to use one name and password on lots of different websites.

The idea will ease the mental and administrative burden of having a different login identity and password for almost every website.

Anyone with an Open ID identifier can use it to log in to, and use, any and every other site that has signed up to the OpenID scheme.

The plan is currently in a testing phase and let see how many websites join this scheme in future and how many users enroll in the system.

I am currently holding multiple Ids for different websites and waiting for this scheme to run successfully so could get rid of this ID Administration.

Queen’s image marks Google visit

Thursday, October 16th, 2008

“Doodles” on Google’s search engine homepage change periodically to mark occasions such as national holidays and anniversaries of major events.

As the Queen Elizabeth II and the Duke of Edinburgh are visitng google headquarter in London today, an image of the Queen has been incorporated into Google’s UK homepage logo to mark her visit. 

I just came to know about this in today’s news that the Queen is visiting Googl’e London head quarter and that’s why she is in Google’s logo on search engine page.

I had already read about Doodle for Google competiton and was inspired by the creativity of the youngsters especially kids.

More than 70,000 youngsters from 3,000 schools had entered their designs based on the My Community theme.

Daniel Thorne’s picture was the overall winner of this year’s Doodle 4 Google competition for young people.

I really appreciate the strategy of google to change its logo accordingly and also allowing and appreciating the creativity of designing it’s logo through Doodle competition.

Google, Keep it up!

To see a repository of doodles: Click here

Business Analyst skills

Monday, October 6th, 2008

I have started my Business Analysis related blogs from the definition of a Business Analyst (BA). Today i will write about Business Analyst skills. My plan is to share about Business Analysis related experience and information with my readers. I would love y readers comments to have more knowledge and to broader my vision about Busienss Analysis.

As i mentioned in my Business Analyst blog that a BA works as a liasion between IT and business people. It requires that a BA should be bilingual: He needs to speak in the language of both computers and business. BA must also have excellent communication skills to interact with both parties.

I personally have come from technical field being a software engineer and enjoying this experience while doing my BA job. It always helped me to understand client requirements especially suggesting and documenting solutions of their problems. 

There are different skills required for a Business Analyst especially in job advertisements. Below i have detailed a summary of BA related skills:


  • Engineering systems concepts and principles
  • Technical computer knowledge
  • Complex modelling techniques
  • Technical writing


  • Analytical and conceptual expertise
  • Planning, documentation, analysis and business requirements management techniques
  • Object-oriented analysis
  • Evaluation of profitability/risk
  • Testing, verification and validation techniques
  • Creation of the Business Requirements Document – BRD
  • Administrative and reporting abilities


  • Knowledge of business processes
  • Ability to have a business-oriented vision
  • Improvement of business and engineering processes
  • Strategic planning
  • Case development
  • Business writing


  • Decision-making
  • Fundamentals of project management
  • Management of customer relationships
  • Management of organizational changes
  • Time management and personal organization skills
  • Integrity and ethics


  • Ability to formulate concepts
  • Communication of technical information to a non-technical audience
  • Communication of business information to a technical audience
  • Negotiation
  • Tact
In future i will write about each skill or quality in detail.

My interview on Modern Analyst website

Sunday, October 5th, 2008

Modern Analyst community has recently posted my interview in their Business Analysts diary section. Please click on the following URL to view:

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