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Downadup or Kido Virus Infects 9 Million

Tuesday, January 20th, 2009

It’s very much in the news these days that a nasty worm called “Downadup” aka “Conficker” and “Kido” has affected over 9 million Windows users worldwide. It’s said to be one of the worst malware outbreaks of the past five years which includes a code or other malware that could damage both, the system and the network. The worm is spreading through low security networks, memory sticks, and PCs without current security updates.

According to Microsoft, the worm works by searching for a Windows executable file called “services.exe” and then becomes part of that code.

 It then copies itself into the Windows system folder as a random file of a type known as a “dll”. It gives itself a 5-8 character name, such as piftoc.dll, and then modifies the Registry, which lists key Windows settings, to run the infected dll file as a service.

Once the worm is up and running, it creates an HTTP server, resets a machine’s System Restore point (making it far harder to recover the infected system) and then downloads files from the hacker’s web site.

Often, there’s a new malware around looking to get into your PC and users should be very careful in using update patches offered by Windows regulalry. And make sure that the anti virus or any other protection program is updated regularly.

If you’re a victim of this worm, you could visit F-Secure’s Malware Information page for more information for its removal from your computer system.

Good luck!

Google Favicon

Sunday, December 7th, 2008

Today i had a look at the list of Google Favicons designed by Google designers and thought to share this list with you.

Google has a new favicon for the first time in 9 years. A favicon is the small icon you see in your browser next to the URL or in your bookmarks list.

While the reviews on the change have been mixed, Google designers went through more than 300 versions of the favicon to determine the best one.

Here are the ones that didn’t make the cut. Let us know if you think favicons on this grid beat the “small g” that Google chose.

What do you think? I beleive Google would be happy to welcome suggestions.

Boost for easier web login plans

Thursday, October 30th, 2008

From the past couple of months, its been very much in the news about using fewer passwords on multiple sites.  I didn’t get a chance to write a blog in last 2 weeks so thought to write about Open ID scheme.

Tech giants Microsoft, IBM, Google and Yahoo are introducing OpenID to give people more control over their online identities.

OpenID scheme will allow people to use one name and password on lots of different websites.

The idea will ease the mental and administrative burden of having a different login identity and password for almost every website.

Anyone with an Open ID identifier can use it to log in to, and use, any and every other site that has signed up to the OpenID scheme.

The plan is currently in a testing phase and let see how many websites join this scheme in future and how many users enroll in the system.

I am currently holding multiple Ids for different websites and waiting for this scheme to run successfully so could get rid of this ID Administration.

Google’s Android mobile software

Tuesday, September 23rd, 2008

Google has released two major projects for its users in 2008 – Chrome and Android. Chrome has already been released few weeks ago and the first mobile telephone (Gphone) using Google’s Android software is due to be unveiled on 23 September.

Today is a G-day for T-Mobile as it will be the first carrier to offer a mobile phone powered by Google’s Android software. The new Gphone will be on sale in October.

The idea behind Android is to do for phone software what the open source Linux software has done for PCs.

Android SDK is now available enabling developers to create compelling mobile applications that take full advantage of all a handset has to offer.

Google has now entered into mobile phone market where it will have to face the well established phone software players like Nokia with its Symbian operating system and Microsoft with its mobile software.

Interesting to know that Microsoft has delayed Windows Mobile 7 release until the second half of 2009. I think Microsoft had a bad experience of releasing IE 8 with Google’s Chrome which forced it to change its strategy for Mobile7 release.

Let’s future decide who will win the market of mobile phone software as there had already been major releases by Apple and Bleckberry in second half of 2008.

Hackers infiltrate Palin’s yahoo e-mail

Friday, September 19th, 2008

One of the most concerned news of the morning for me was:


Hackers have broken in to the e-mail of the US Republican vice-presidential candidate, Alaska Governor Sarah Palin.”


My concern to this news doesn’t mean that I am a supporter of Us Republican party but it was more about the email security especially of high profile people. I was looking to see Yahoo comments about this hijack and found out that Yahoo declined comment on security features for its free email.

Yahoo spokeswoman Kelley Benander says:

“We don’t comment on the specifics of our security policies so that we don’t give a roadmap to hackers and bad actors”  

The anonymous group of hackers used Palin’s date of birth, Zip code and where she met her spouse to change the password in only 45 minutes. As per hacker, it was a very easy task to hack Palin’s personal email.

Some email screenshots and 2 photos of Mrs Palin’s family have been posted on Wikileaks website. I have seen this website for the first time.

It sounds that easy passwords are always a golden chance for hackers to get into your email accounts. I am currently working on Security and Data Compliance project assessing the company’s security policies. One of the critical policies we are taking care of is to use passwords which are not easily guessable and have them changed regularly.


I believe that now the companies’ especially public offices will be much careful after this incident though there already have been some incidents in the past.


Big Bang project is also under the hackers’ threats and special care under consideration to make it more secure.

New World Wide Web Foundation

Monday, September 15th, 2008

The internet needs a way to help people separate rumour from real science, says the creator of the World Wide Web.

Sir Tim Berners-Lee has announced a new the World Wide Web Foundation with a three-part mission:

to advance One Web that is free and open,
to expand the Web’s capability and robustness,
and to extend the Web’s benefits to all people on the planet.

He says:

The Web Foundation will bring together business leaders, technology innovators, academia, government, NGOs, and experts in many fields to tackle challenges that, like the Web, are global in scale. The Web Foundation is in the unique position of being able to learn from the results of projects to accelerate the evolution of the Web.  

I am fully agreed with sir Tim that web has been used to spread disinformation but I don’t know if this strategy to vet websites will work to a greater extent or not. The web now looks like a beast out of control Let’s future decide about this but i do appreciate Sir Tim’s efforts and new strategy.

Google Chrome

Monday, September 15th, 2008

Perhaps you all are aware that Google is very much in the news these days. The very much reason is the release of Google’s new web browser – Chrome.

There has been a lot written about chrome on different blogs and i tried to read most of them. I personally am keen trying new technology and software mostly Web related. So I immediately downloaded chrome and to give it a go and i found it very fast as claimed and its interface is very simple.

One of my friend installed both Chrome and IE8 for comparison and IE8 really annoyed him which was obvious from his blog.

Some of the disadvantages (tiny) of Chrome are that you cannot run hotmail or live mail etc. Of course there is not Microsoft Passport so that’s the problem. I don’t know how the problem will be solved by Chrome but Google will do something or may be will compromise with this blockage by Microsoft.

Also some websites like are slower on chrome.

Microsoft was already aware of the Chrome and that’s why it launched its buggy browser.

I believe Chrome will play a significant role in Browser world and will try to snatch the 80% browser market currently captured by Microsoft IE.

These days I’m becoming very much fan of Google rather Microsoft though Microsoft has done a great job in different areas but Google’s growth is very fast and its IT solutions are very solid.

Google has been rated as the world’s most wanted work place to work for.